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4th Offense OUI

A client was suspended for 10 years for a 4th offense OUI. She appealed to the Board of Appeals too early and without a lawyer. The board denied her request and told her not to come back until the expiration of her suspension. She was later permitted another hearing and granted a hardship license through the efforst, planning and strategy of this office. We are please to report that she is sober, working and getting on with her life.

Arrested in Michigan for an OUI

Client was arrested in Michigan for an OUI. He was placed on the National Driver's Registry and his license was suspended in Massachusetts for 1 year. Through the efforts of myself in coordinating with his Michigan Lawyer we were able to reduce the suspension to 45 days and get him a hardship license.

Help Clients Through Complex Process

This lawyer was one of the first to help his clients get through the complex process that is getting an interlock device installed on your motor vehicle. It requires a minimum of three trips into the Registry. Through proper planning, I have been able to cut his down to one hearing, thus saving the client time and money from missing work.