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As a result of Melanie’s Bill enacted on October 28, 2005, so called “drunk driving” (OUI, DUI, DWI) suspensions have been dramatically enhanced. The ignition interlock device has been a major addition in the requirements for obtaining a hardship license for multiple offense operating under the influence (OUI, DUI, DWI) cases.


The ignition interlock device is a portable handheld breath-alcohol monitoring system that is electronically installed by a professional and connected to your vehicle’s ignition system. Before starting your motor vehicle it requires the operator to blow into the machine and pass the test in order to start the vehicle. Additionally, the machine requires the operator to submit to a rolling re-test while you are operating the motor vehicle.

The ignition interlock device must be installed on every registered vehicle that you own, operate or lease. This means if you operate a separate vehicle for work an ignition interlock device must be installed. Your license will have a restriction on it clearly indicating that you must have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle. It is referred to as a “Z” restriction. Failure to install an interlock device is a criminal offense resulting in a minimum mandatory jail sentence.


You must contact an approved vendor and have the device installed in a vehicle before you are eligible for a hardship license. This can be difficult to do because you will need someone to drive your car to this location as you will not have a license. Also, once installed you must return to the vendors location every 30 days for your scheduled maintenance and data upload.


Additionally, the registry requires a signed affidavit from certifying that you understand the rules for your hardship license, that is, that you understand you cannot operate a motor vehicle without an ignition interlock device. Also, all licensed drivers must sign an affidavit as well declaring that they will not allow you to drive a motor vehicle without an ignition interlock device or assist you in circumventing the machine in any way. That is right even your kids who have a license must complete these forms. If they did not know about your situation, the registry requires them to know now.